Let’s Talk About The Truth.

The reason I started this blog back in December 2014 was that I loved to write, tell stories, let people see the life I was about to take on with my new job. I wanted something to always look back on – a diary.

I often get asked, “what’s the best destination you have visited?” “What did you do on that layover?” “How was the food their?” And if I’m honest, half the time I can’t remember where I visited last week never-mind a few months back. I wanted a safe place to write it all down, share pictures, make videos. I wanted something that one day I could show my children what their mother had done to break away from the small town stereotype!

It was hard for me to keep on top of writing about my layovers once I started flying full-time so, I took it upon myself to get more creative and make vlogs. I could show people first hand what I did and they could see it too instead of imaging what was happening through a picture. I love making my travel vlogs even if it means having to put my face out there for people to see.

I’ve noticed on my last few blog entry’s I’ve started off apologising for not posting regularly but, I’ve come to realise this is my blog, my safe place to write about my life, make spelling mistakes, have improper grammar and be myself!

The 20-year-old girl I was when I started off this blog to the 24-year-old lady I am today are 2 completely different people. I’ve become independent, strong-minded and thick-skinned. I’m proud of who I am!

So, the main reason for this post is to say IMBACK! I’m going to keep making my vlogs on YouTube but ill be posting them here too for everyone to see.

I love writing and hate the fact I stopped!

Until my next post…