February Roster

Hey! Its been a while since I've done a roster reveal. I've been very active on YouTube over the past few months but the direction I'm taking my channel is more toward 'me' with weekly vlogs, 'Get Ready With Me' videos and anything lifestyle instead of always being 'work' related. Don't get me wrong, I'm… Continue reading February Roster


Is 2021 My Year?

The best place to start 2021 is at the end of 2020. Wednesday 4th November 2020 was the upload date for my first 'weekly vlog' on YouTube. I've always loved editing videos which mainly started when I moved to Dubai and began travelling. I wanted everyone else to see what I seen instead of trying… Continue reading Is 2021 My Year?


February Favourites

Travel This month has sent me to some beautiful countries from Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland to Cape Town in South Africa but, my favourite had to be Taipei in Taiwan. Let me take you back to the start of this flight. I arrived at work with one of my closest friends at 02:30am ready… Continue reading February Favourites