Emirates Assessment Day Interview

On the 8th November 2014 I was invited down to the recruitment event, this was a chance to drop off my CV and meet them on a one on one bases for a few seconds with the recruiters. At the event there was nearly 100 people, mostly girls I must say. At the event they gave us the chance the watch a few videos on the job role and also the lifestyle over in Dubai.

On the 9th November,the next day, I opened up my emails to a confirmation email saying iv been accepted to an assessment day!! This was going to be held on the 8th December 2014 in Manchester.

The day had come, i left 2 hours earlier to do a 40 minute journey but i was still 20 minutes late! The traffic was horrific that morning. After my dramatic journey there we was all given individual numbers. The first part of the day was made up of 2 mini group task’s.

First: There was 3 of us in a group and we had to find out 3 different and unique ideas on how we could use…… A Torch. This was so hard but, at the same time great dissuasion which is what they want to see.
Second: There was again 3 of us in a group but this time we had to sell a location in 2 points, ours was Beijing. Iv never been here before which again made it a dissuasion.
The recruiters want to see you getting involved and also letting you give other team members a chance to express there opinions.

Then X-Factor started. She called out 13 numbers which was going though to the next round, this was the hardest part as you make friends with the girls and guys and watching them walk out is hard but then again exciting because you are going though to the next round.
During the second part of the interview was made up of a large group chat about which different types of customer would be aloud to stay in the hotel which is over booked. At the end of our discussion the recruiter asked why and why not you have chosen for them to stay or leave.

We also had to do a reach test (212cm).

Then that was it …. the day had finished, it was time to find out who was going though and who was going home.
“Right guys, its that time. But this time you all are going though, You all get a final interview” – these are the words i will never forget. I HAD GOT A FINAL INTERVIEW WITH EMIRATES!!
MY interview date is on the 7th January 2015, 8 days before my 21st birthday. Will my party just a for my birthday or a leaving party too. Only time will tell.

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