Emirates Final Interview

What a day it was… I arrived with hour an hour to spare. My final interview took place on 7th December in Manchester, UK. My final interview was with the same requirement team who I done my open day and assessment day with, this put great calm to me as I felt I already had a connection with them. The interview lasted about 30 minutes, they ran over my application forms making sure all was correct, checked over my pictures, checked my appearances; tattoos, groomings etc. when we had completed these steps there was 6 questions to be answered, I can’t remember what they are but they were about your work experience with different customers, have you worked with different cultures before, how have to corrected a bad situation. The best advice would be to answer them as honestly and relaxed as you can. At the end of the interview I was advised I would have to wait 6/8 weeks to find out if I had been successful or not. I think they wait was so long because it was around Christmas and also my documents had to be sent over to Dubai for the headoffice to make the decision of my life. Becoming cabin crew is all I have ever wanted to do, it’s is a horrible feeling knowing someone who has never met or seen you can make or brake your life dream.


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