The Globe

TRAVEL THE WORLD…Live for today & the memeories made.


I’m still new to blogging so please accept my apologies for any mistakes I’ve made.

1 year ago I went on my first holiday without my parents. It was late when we arrived at the hotel so there was only a small Chinese restaurant open so we decided to give it a try. The owner was so friendly and loving giving us amazing service and food to remember!
As my partner was paying the bill she came over and give me a small box as a gift saying, ‘you will go far, live for today and the memories you make’. I didn’t really think much of if at the time, we carried on with our holiday returning to the chinese resturant on many occasions.

How amazing is someone who doesn’t know you has a kind heart to give a gift and bless somebody. I will properly never meet the wonderful woman again but her gift gave me the drive to keep applying for airlines and never back down when you are rejected.

I’d tell anyone who is wanting a job in travel but exceptionally cabin crew to keep going! It took me 3 years of applying online, going to open days and interviews but at the end iv got a job with a world wide airline and I’m moving to one of the riches counties!

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