Golden Call

On the 8th June 2015 at 11:59 my belonged golden call happened!! I was sat at my desk in work and my phone started to vibrate in my draw, I glanced over and seen a number calling me starting with +971. My heart dropped! It was happening, I grabbed my phone and ran into the kitchen to take the call.

The call only latest about 3 minutes, she asked me if i was working, if i was single or married and a few others but the cal was a blur i was that excited. Then she said ‘Are you ok to fly out on the 31st July?’ I jumped at the chance and accepted the date!

Like i said the call was all a blur to me and I can imagine it is for anybody who has one wit any airline. When the call ended I called everyone, my boyfriend, mum, dad, sister the list went on.

Now I’ve got loads of medical forms to fill out and upload, doctors appointments, dentist appointments, vaccinations. Im trying to get it all sorted as soon as possible so i can enjoy my time at home with everyone and not have to worry.

Well guys, I defiantly keep you all updated on my journey to getting ready to leave but most defiantly my journey and travels around the world.


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