3 Weeks In Dubai…

Dubai, Emirates & a new life… this is what’s happened in 3 weeks!

My Apartment – It’s wonderful, my bedroom is huge! I share with 1 other girl which I don’t mind at all the only down side is we have 1 bathroom between us 😑 (good job we start at different times of the day). My view is of the main road which never sleeps. What ever time of the day or night it is there will always be a horn going or screeching of tyres🚗🚓.

2015-08-01 12.30.232015-08-01 01.00.16

Emirates Induction & College – In induction you get given a whole load of infomation!!😦 but this is the time where you meet all your batch mates and make friends which will last a life time. As home sick as I was I still put my make – up on and smiled, and to be honest after my first day I felt amazing.

2015-08-02 16.43.57

QUOTE: “It’s crazy, you just pick a human being and say I like you, let’s be friends”

In regards to college, I’m in the middle of SEP training. Oh My Gosh! I knew it was going to be hard but they give you information at 37159 miles per hour😶. It’s amazing though, I would never change this for anything!

Family – I don’t think I would be here if it wasn’t for my family! I’d be lying if I said it is easy to just pack up and move out here, I don’t think I’ve cried as much as I did on though first few days! I had no means of communication ith them because I had no Internet in my apartment and I had no idea where anywhere was to get access😢. But, like I’ve already said your new friends are all going though the same feelings and we all help each other though the dark times. 


2 thoughts on “3 Weeks In Dubai…

  1. A nice post. Short and sweet. Keep going Sophie, I’m sure all your hardwork now will pay off later.
    All the best 🙂


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