Safari Day!

Well training is done so we are celebrating with a day on a safari trip! We had a ride around the sanduns which took us into the middle of the desert where they had a buffet and stage with belly dancers, firer dances and traditional dancing. Amazing experience with a great bunch of friends ❤

Mini Graduation

So we have all completed out 2 months of training with blood, sweat and tears included but we done it, we gained our wings and ready to fly! We have a few days off and then on to flying. My 2 supy flights are to medina and London, I cant wait to start flying.

Service Training – Done!

2 and a half weeks of service training done! It was full of exams and mock-up flights giving us the inside on how the service run on the aircraft. On the mock-ups they put all of SEP, GMT & Security training practice into place also, to say it was over powering would definitely be a … Continue reading Service Training – Done!