GMT – Done

GMT = Group Medical Training… 1 Week training.

Im going to start this post by admitting this was not my strong point at all! So in GMT we learnt about all the different medical kits we have, whats inside them all, what medication we have, what they can be used for and also how to handle any medical emergencies. And to put a cherry on top of the cake my class timing was 3:45pm till 11:30pm… yes the night shift!

Medication names and what they are used for was my downfall, i found it so hard to pronounce what the medication is called making it so much harder to then try correct a medical problem. We also learnt have to deliver a baby is this ever happens onboard our flights. With being a woman you would think it would be ok but watching it/actually delivering the baby is a different story all together.

One thing to sum up GMT was it really does open your mind to the world around you, from birth to all different types of medical situations right up until the end of a life with death onboard.

The exam was to me the hardest so far, I passed with 86% which Im not to happy with but over all i still passed and moving forward in my training.

2015-09-05 11.35.59

Next Stop – Nujoum Day which will last 1 day. (I won’t be blogging anything about this day, they keep it all secrect from us so Im going to do the same to use)

Then on to Image and uniform which last for 1 day, I will be posting sooo many pictures! I cant wait to try my uniform on and become cabin crew!


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