Security – Done!

Security training only lasted 2 days but it was very intense! We learnt about hijacking, aggressive customers and how to deal with all different situations (which i hope i never come into contact with).

Even though it is very full on training we also got a lesson on self-defense, so watch your backs… I can get you to the ground :’) As fun and interesting as the security training was it really opened our eyes to what can happen an that you are the open person to stop them at 40,000ft.

After the 2 days of training, the last hour on the second day is your exam, not to hard but manly scary for me because i had only learnt some of the information that day. With saying that i was so pleased when i got 100% on my exam an could move on with my training,

Now on to service training, the best, scariest, hardest part of the training. 2 weeks and 2 days left, where will my first flight be to?


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