Security – Done!

Security training only lasted 2 days but it was very intense! We learnt about hijacking, aggressive customers and how to deal with all different situations (which i hope i never come into contact with). Even though it is very full on training we also got a lesson on self-defense, so watch your backs... I can … Continue reading Security – Done!

Image & Uniform Day!

Oh My Gosh! It was not like i was expecting, we started at 7:30 and had a day full of make-up, nails & nail care, face care, nutrition, fitness, workouts and of course how to wear the uniform correctly. It really opened my eyes to how emirates pride itself on the crew and them becoming … Continue reading Image & Uniform Day!

GMT – Done

GMT = Group Medical Training... 1 Week training. Im going to start this post by admitting this was not my strong point at all! So in GMT we learnt about all the different medical kits we have, whats inside them all, what medication we have, what they can be used for and also how to … Continue reading GMT – Done