When In Rome…

Date; 29/10/15 - 31/10/15. Stay; Hilton Rome Airport Hotel. ________________________ ________________________ What an amazing place! Being in Rome really did bring back the time before sky scrapers, modern building and they even still use horse & cart. The crew on my flight were so nice and wanted to go exploring just as much as i… Continue reading When In Rome…


Friday Nights

Since my last flight i was blessed with days off, so I'm not flying now until Tuesday but, with it being the end of the month money is running short so we decided to have a night in - meal out instead. So Brooke and i got dressed for 6:30pm and headed to the shopping… Continue reading Friday Nights


Airport Standby to Dhaka

I had been took of my medina flight and placed on airport standby between 8:45 -12:45. Airport standby means you have to go wait in a room for your name to be called out and put on a flight last minute. The downside is you have to back your suitcase for all types of weather.… Continue reading Airport Standby to Dhaka


Manila, Phillipines

Date 16/10/15 - 17/10/15 My layover in manila wasn't all that good, we only had a 19 hour layover meaning after the 1hr 30 mins bus ride to the hotel it wasn't all that long. Especially after a long flight and landing at 11pm Local time. The hotel we stayed in was the Crown Plaza,… Continue reading Manila, Phillipines


Perth, Australia

Date: 12/10/15 - 14/10/15. On my layover in Perth we decided to go to the Botanic gardens and to Perth Zoo, the weather was amazing. So good I've burnt my shoulders ! Ive decided instead of uploading loads of pictures I'm going to put them all into videos and keep the memories.