LHR – Supy Flight No’ 2

Date: 03/10/2015.

Supy number 2 was a layover in London, so close yet so far from home. The flight was for 7 and a half hours each way, again the crew were so supportive knowing it was only my second supy flight and made sure i done nothing all flight! (Thats what supy flights are for).

So we got to the hotel and i went to my room and about 30 minutes later a knock at my door…. Mum, Dad, Clara and Martin had booked a night in the same hotel !! I got to see my family after 2 months of being away. It felt like i had never been away. We went to a little pub had a good catch up and few drinks.

2015-10-10 09.50.33 2015-10-10 09.50.36 2015-10-10 09.50.38Instasize_1005235808

We also went for a nice little restaurant meal in the hotel and then sat in the lobby bar for the rest of the night and gabbed in the night away. Because of the time zone difference i got so tired early on but i kept fighting it to make sure i got to see them as long as i could.

The next day i was leaving at 12 noon so we got up early had breakfast and relaxed in my room while got ready for my return flight. It was so hard to say goodbye to them because i don’t know when it will be until i will see them again in person. This job is so amazing but so hard not knowing when i will be home and see my family, I miss family events, weddings an birthdays because i am a 7/8 hour plane ride away.

FB_IMG_1443993496974 FB_IMG_1443993529233 FB_IMG_1443993536974

Until next time ….


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