Airport Standby to Dhaka

I had been took of my medina flight and placed on airport standby between 8:45 -12:45.

Airport standby means you have to go wait in a room for your name to be called out and put on a flight last minute. The downside is you have to back your suitcase for all types of weather. Sun, rain, show… and then anything else you may need. So  i went in for my call time sat down and began to read my book, 5 minutes felt like hours so i knew it was going to be a long morning if i never got called.

One of my good friends here was also roasters for airport standby the same time as me so i had a little company but within 5 minutes sure was called up for a flight, she was going to Dhaka. I will admit i laughed when she told me, turn around are not the best but Dhaka is one of the longest turnarounds we do so it was going to be a long HARD flight. She went off and carried on reading. 30 minutes passed and i hear “Sophie?” my body sunk in the chair, i knew what was coming. I walked up to the counter and i was advised ” Your needed on a flight, they are already onboard so you need to be fast!” i grabbed my cabin bag and off i went. I didn’t even know where i was going, all i knew is i was on a bus getting took to the plane.

When I got on i went and made myself known to the purser and was glad i was there, I must say i felt stupid having to ask her where i was going going this flight. She dropped the bomb-shell, “Your going to Dhaka” ….. You can imagine!

So the flight went on we done the serve, I worked hard to try make time go faster and it did help having my friend onboard too, had a good little catch up with her. Not really seen her since training college with all our flights changing we never know where anyone is.

We landed about 22:10 so i came straight home made a little food and skype my mum and dad – perfect way to end a day. Now I’ve also been took off my layover in Johannesburg for a day off and 2 days of unsure…. lets see what they bring me.


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