Friday Nights

Since my last flight i was blessed with days off, so I’m not flying now until Tuesday but, with it being the end of the month money is running short so we decided to have a night in – meal out instead. So Brooke and i got dressed for 6:30pm and headed to the shopping mall for some dinner – yes I’m rubbish at this blogging i keep forgetting to take pictures and videos, I will get better i promise.

We always walk there because it only takes 5 minutes and if considing you get a taxi you  pay 12dhs because if the minimum charge its not worth it when it only goes up 1 dh.

We headed to Russo’s -New York Pizzeria. It was the first time trying out this placer both of it.


I ordered the beef lasagne along with a cookie and cream milkshake toped with oreos! As you can see by the picture – OH MY GOSH – it was to die for! The lasagnes ok, i didn’t really enjoy it but then again i am possible one of the most fussest eaters you will meet.

We had a good catch up on our flights and Dubai life and headed back home, by the time we reached home it was 10pm. We both went our own ways for the night. When i got in i just potato’d (if you don’t know what it means it simply lied down and done nothing – one of our slang words). Skyped mum and dad  had a few giggles and also skyped martin, ill admit i did have a cry. Its getting hard now knowing how close we are to christmas & my birthday and that i will be here on my own, but always look to the brighter side.

Like i said I’m going to get better at this blogging, just give me time. Ill keep your all updated like you are on the adventures with me.


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