When In Rome…

Date; 29/10/15 – 31/10/15.
Stay; Hilton Rome Airport Hotel.


What an amazing place! Being in Rome really did bring back the time before sky scrapers, modern building and they even still use horse & cart.

The crew on my flight were so nice and wanted to go exploring just as much as i did! We landed and got to the hotel about 7pm, i order room service and had a early night. Wanted to be fresh for the long day ahead of me.


The next day we headed into the town for 10am, there was shuttle bus which took us and picked us up. We walked and walked and walked for miles, we seen everything possible and eat enough pizza to last em a lifetime! One of the pizzas i had was cheese and potato…. i still don’t know how i feel about that?.

As always i took plenty of pictures which are displayed in the video at the start of this post, my blogging/vlogging is coming along… give me time and ill be just right!


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