A Turnaround I will never Forget…

So with turnaround flights I never blog them as they are simply fly to the destination, get new passengers and fly back to Dubai however, my Amman turnaround I have to share.

In the briefing we was told no signs of any weather problems should be home before schedule, the best line you can hear – defiantly for me. We depart around 2pm and start our journey to Amman, we complete the service with happy customers an answer any request. Time comes for us to take our jumpseats for landing. Landing can sometimes take anywhere between 10-30 minutes depending on the situation but, it didn’t happen… we started climbing again. The inter phones rang and it was a message saying the weather conditions outside are to bad an no planes are able to land nor take off…. we are going back to Dubai!  All i could think about was how are we going to deal with a plane full of angry/unhappy passengers. I don’t know how we did but they all seemed pretty much ok. With it being a turnaround flight the meals for the return sector are already loaded on before we eave Dubai so lucky for us we could give them all a 2nd meal if they where hungry. We arrived back into Dubai around 7.45pm, all the passengers where being put onto the next flight however they had to wait to hear from Amman to se if it was worth the flight over because of the weather conditions. I am still unsure as to what happened but wow! I hope i don’t have this situation again.


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