Date; 04/11/15 – 06/11/15
Stay; Maritim Hotel.

20151104_190830 20151104_190853

Hey guys!! On Wednesday we at our hotel around 6:30pm local time, myself and 3 other girls who worked in business class had planned to meet up in the lobby and go for dinner. I ordered a fillet of beef with sweet potato mash and loads of veg – I was so hungry i forgot to take a picture for you guys, sorry!. We stayed downstairs and gabbed about our experiences, giving me tips on where to go in Dubai and how to make the most out of my time on layovers and time in Dubai. After dinner we all headed back to our rooms for a early night, the flight wasn’t to long nor hard but time difference is the killer for me!

The next morning i got up bright and early and headed to the shopping mall for some lunch and a wonder which was no more than a 5 minute walk from our hotel. Even though the hotel and mall where very close there was some lovely sights to see.

20151105_13025520151105_130349    20151105_114449


In the mall i picked up some essentials which at the minute i cant find in Dubai – #DubaiProblems – had a bite to eat and headed back the hotel for a rest before our flight back home.

For our flight back to Dubai we had to be ready for 6:35pm where we got on to the bus and headed to the airport. With it being a night flight the hardest part of the flight after the service is staying awake yourself, with no call bells being pressed and everyone asleep passing the time can sometimes be hard. We landed back into Dubai just before 6am local time so as you can imagine i got home and went straight to sleep for a few hours. Getting into your own bed after a layover is simply the best! At first i hated my bed over here but after time and sleeping in hotels you become to love the small things.

Until next time ….


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