Date; 13/11/15 – 15/11/15
Stay; Holiday Inn.

Bangkok was something out of a movie, it was amazing seeing all the night markets and street food. The smells well, that depends on your taste for food.

My room was HUUGGEE, the hotel was lovely and location… amazing. We had everything we needed just outside out front door.

We landed at 8pm local time so myself and a few girls from the flight decided to go out and explore, we ended up eating at what looked like a street food restaurant. It was something new to me and with being so picky over what i eat anyways you can image what I was like.

I ordered fried chicken on rice, sounds very simple but apparently it was a very famous place in Bangkok. Think it was something to do with how the rice was made – it was tasty though! We also ordered chicken soup for starters.

You cant go to Bangkok and not have a massage can y2015-11-13 22.58.54ou, it was 11pm by the time we reached here. I had a 1hour session including my feet, head, back and shoulders – WOW! I felt like a new woman walking out. After we grabbed a taxi back to our hotel and sleep the rest of the night away.

The next day we had arranged to go for a Thai curry before our flight back to Dubai. I cant wait to go back and explore again, maybe this time i won’t forget to take pictures and videos of outside left….









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