Last Flight Of 2015

My last flight of 2015 was to the beautiful Cape Town, I don't know what I was expecting but it was breath taking. When I was packing to leave all I packed was swim suit and sandals, I didn't think of going up the mountains and needing trainers! - I was so upset when we… Continue reading Last Flight Of 2015


Christmas In Dubai!

Back home me and my younger sister have a family  tradition where on christmas eve we get new PJ's - that have to match, so I'm starting my christmas post my sharing great memory for me and my family. DUBAI to UK Christmas this year was something totally different for me, it was my first year… Continue reading Christmas In Dubai!


Zurich for Christmas Eve Eve..

My flight before christmas, on the 23rd December I headed to Zurich. The flight itself was fine, went without any problems. It was roughly about a 6 hour flight so by the time we had done our service and answered a few cal bells it was time to take our seats and land.   Myself… Continue reading Zurich for Christmas Eve Eve..

Adventures · Roster

New Year, New Destinations…

Getting this roster was like christmas coming early. In November I had my US visa interview which was successful and I was lucky enough to be given a flight straight away! This month going to; - Boston, US - Guangzhou, China - Doha ; Only Turnaround - London Gatwick, UK - Perth, Australia January is… Continue reading New Year, New Destinations…

Adventures · Life


Monday 14th December Lets set the scene, I planned my week home over 1 month ago and never told anyone apart from my dad and boyfriend. To anyone who wants to hide a visit home - its hard!! Even more so around christmas. The video below shows my mum opening the front door and myself meeting… Continue reading SURPRISE…!