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Monday 14th December
Lets set the scene, I planned my week home over 1 month ago and never told anyone apart from my dad and boyfriend. To anyone who wants to hide a visit home – its hard!! Even more so around christmas.

The video below shows my mum opening the front door and myself meeting my younger sister walking down the street of the town centre. I tear up every time I watch it.

That evening we spent it having takeout watching TV, yeah.. thats all i wanted to do.

Tuesday 15th December
Tuesdays mean date day & night!
During the day Martin and myself took to the town of Liverpool to get some festive spirt and finish off with last minute shopping. Town was so busy I didn’t have chance to even get my camera out to take pictures or videos – I was ver upset! We had breakfast at a little cafè called ‘Bramley’s’, very old fashioned and traditional. Christmas markets = my fave!! Its been hard living in Dubai where is it not so christmassy so going home for the week was amazing.

After shopping all day Martin had planned for a dinner date and cinema trip. We went to my favourite place, Frankie & Benny’s. Chips covered in cheese and bacon along with a BBQ and chicken pizza – ohh how I’ve missed that place. After filing up on an amazing meal we headed to the cinema to watch the new christmas movie for 2015 “The Night Before Christmas” – Oh My Gosh if you have not watched it, do it now! Its a great comedy movie.

After the movies we both headed home to catch up on some Zzz’s.

Wednesday 16th December
Wednesday was my day to relax! No pictures and nothing interesting to write up, all day I was lazy relaxed with family around and watched some movies!

Thursday 17th December
Mum still needed to finish up on some christmas shopping herself so we headed into a small town by where I live, we went quiet early and as you can image there was also a christmas market too! We had lunch in a pub called “The Golden Lion” it was the first time for both of us, will defiantly be going back. Cheese burger with sweet potato chips = heaven on earth!

Photo 12-17-15, 3 01 20 PM.jpg

Thursday marked the day my younger sister broke up for the christmas break so myself, Martin and his younger sister met up in town and went bowling. I love bowling, its so fun to see everyone enjoying themselves, Ill inset a few pictures about our little trip below.

We went bowling, played arcade games and had dinner all together. I loved it, couldn’t of asked for anything  better.

Friday 18th December


The 18th December marked my christmas day at home! We gave presents, had a full christmas dinner and to end the night off a few drinks. Nothing else to say apart from I felt so happy and warm inside!

2015-12-18 17.17.33


Saturday 19th December
Saturdays in Dubai are considered the day before you go back to work but in the UK its the best night for a night out so I couldn’t of gone home and not had a night out nor had a Chinese take out! So, yes I done it! I will happily admit I do not remember the last half of the night or getting home, I just woke up with a killer hangover!

Sunday 20th December
I had a day at home with my family enjoying every moment I could, family is everything to me.

Monday 21st December
I had to be at the airport for 10.30am, the flight back to Dubai was 7hours. Very long day I must say and with landing back into Dubai at round 01.00am I knew i had to stay awake all flight so it was movie and movie!

Thank you for reading, I know this is a bit of a long blog post but its a great memory for me!

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