Zurich for Christmas Eve Eve..

My flight before christmas, on the 23rd December I headed to Zurich. The flight itself was fine, went without any problems. It was roughly about a 6 hour flight so by the time we had done our service and answered a few cal bells it was time to take our seats and land.


Myself and a handful of crew had decided we wanted to visit the christmas market since it was going to be our last chance before christmas. The first ‘real’ christmas market id been to this year but wow! Zurich has set my expectations high now for following years!

On our journey to the market we got  to see some amazing and breath taking sights, siting there looking out at the mountains really does make you thankful for what I’m experiencing. Im traveling the world as my job – 5 months in and i still don’t believe it.

We finally reached the market, it was so old fashioned and christmassy – I loved it! We had mulled wine, German sausages, cheese fondue and also went ice skating. By far the best layover I’ve had to date.

Once we headed back we sat down in the hotel lobby and had a few drinks to finish the night off, the 2nd flight to Zurich has just landed so a few of the crew joined us too..

We headed back to Dubai on Christmas Eve, I arrived back to my apartment round 1AM christmas morning so I couldn’t go to sleep without a quick skype call home!

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