Christmas In Dubai!

Back home me and my younger sister have a family  tradition where on christmas eve we get new PJ’s – that have to match, so I’m starting my christmas post my sharing great memory for me and my family.


2015-12-25 03.15.59

Christmas this year was something totally different for me, it was my first year away from home and not having any of my family to wake up to.

Because I landed early morning I didn’t wake up until around 12:30 /1PM which was perfect timing to back home. Mum, dad and Clara (&Sky) all skyped me when they got up.

2015-12-25 14.30.56Christmas to me mean having a roast dinner, yes a roast dinner! So i decided to make my very first (mini) roast dinner, I must admit i was very proud. Mash potato, veg and a few pieces of beef – it wasn’t the same as being at home but it was close enough for me.




Later on in the after i headed over to my friend Jackie’s apartment where we started our christmas celebrations! There was only a small group of us who were off so we made the most of it.

Mulled wine, vodka, chocolates and christmas song = #Christmas2015


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