Last Flight Of 2015

My last flight of 2015 was to the beautiful Cape Town, I don’t know what I was expecting but it was breath taking. When I was packing to leave all I packed was swim suit and sandals, I didn’t think of going up the mountains and needing trainers! – I was so upset when we got to the hotel and I wasn’t able to go, defiantly learnt my lesson and to up my packing skills.

The view from my room, Ill let the picture explain!


As I’ve said I wasn’t able to go walking with some of the crew so I decided to have a nice relaxing pool day, the weather was perfect for sunbathing and the time we arrived was early morning so I had the whole day to pamper myself. Drinks and food on tap = heaven after a long flight!

The day came to an end so I headed back to my room to Skype back home and show them the amazing view!

The flight back to Dubai was a early morning flight, the flight itself was really nice and went fast. So it was back to the sandpit for NEW YEARS EVE!…

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