New Years Eve 2015

Who would of thought at the start of 2015 id be living in DUBAI never mind travelling the world as my job!

Our plans for new years eve were so last minute I’m surprised we even done anything but, lets start at the beginning. In typical girl style we all got dressed to the 9’s and headed over to one of our friends apartments to celebrate it together since no one should be alone to see the new year in. Music + drinks = a good start to our night! By 8:30pm we had our tickets and was on our way to the palm to see the new year in at Eden Beach Club! In our Dubai taxi tradition, on our way to the clubs we have to have a dance in the taxi and take some selfie…

Dubai’s night life is a different level, I don’t think a night out back home will ever be the same since I’ve moved here. Outside night clubs, famous DJ’s every night and the nightlife never stops, Monday to Friday something is always happening.

Back to the night, it was to busy to be able to get a decent picture of the place so I’ve took one from ‘DubaiNights‘.


From where the club was we could see Burj Khalifa, the strip all the way to the Burj Al Arab. Something like 10/15 minutes worth of fireworks, simply amazing! We was given VIP access and a great view of seeing ‘Nervo’ – the worlds top ranking female DJ’s may I add.

When we decided to head home a journey which should of took 40 minutes took over 2 hours! Traffic in Dubai on a good day is shocking never mind on new years eve.

My 5 months in Dubai have had some ups and downs but I wouldn’t  change my decision of coming here, its been a hard time being away from family over the christmas period but all i think is one day Ill be back home with them all around me!

2016 … Its my year!


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