The City That Stole My Heart – New York


Hey guys, so this is my attempt to get back into blogging. Sorry again! June has come around already and the first stop of this month was New York City. The hotel we stay at is right in Time Square, simply amazing!

On this trip we got to the hotel around 4pm local time so myself and some of the crew decided to freshen up and head out. First stop of the trip was to the ticket office, we wanted to go see a Broadway show, after much consideration we decided to watch ‘NEWSical the Musical’. Its only a short musical about the current news, everything from celebrities, reality TV stars all the way to politics. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone heading to New York. Before we went into see the show we stopped off at a traditional American Diner for a spot to eat – the picture should say it all! Cheese burger with sweet potato chips, heaven!

The following day we did not leave until 8pm so I got up early and went walking, New York is my favourite place! I would walk up and down Time Square for hours on end. I was also out early enough to see them recording ‘Good Morning America’.

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