Washington, DC

This was a new destination for me and yes! I was supper excited to be a tourist. So we land around 11am, as normal some crew planned to meet up and head out early. The layover was only 24 hours and with the 8 hour difference for us from Dubai it was going to be a long day!!

About an hour later we met in the lobby arranged to hire a car and go discover Washington ourselves.

We stopped off at the Washington Monument & Lincoln Memorial. They are breathe-taking! We spent most of the day here, walking around and admiring the care and dedication which has been put into the memorials. Very appreciated!


After spending the day in the lovely weather admiring the surrounding we headed to the mall to pick up some needed food and a little treat for myself… Opps – it just happens! By the time we headed back to the hotel I had been awake for well over 30 hours! I felt and looked like the walking dead.

The flight over to Washington was around 14 hours each way, on long flights the best way to get through it is having great crew! & my crew were simply amazing, will be meeting up with them soon for sure.

So since I’ve been back in Dubai we have put our deposit down on a new apartment and be moving out hopefully towards the end of the month!! It feels like christmas, once I have everything all set up I will 100% be keeping you all posted.

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