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3 Month Travel Update

Its been a while since I last wrote up a post for my blog, sorry about that!. In the time I’ve been away Ive had some crazy months so lets catch you all up.

  • August

August roster came as my month on reserve. If you are unfamiliar with this I spend 1 month living my life day by day, I would be informed by 6pm for my duty the next day. For someone who likes to live a planned and organised life it was a little stressful! I was lucky this month, every time I was placed on standby I was pulled out for a flight. August had be visiting:

  • Manchester
  • Madrid
  • Paris
  • Jakarta
  • Amsterdam
  • LA
  • Doha
  • Bruit

Busy.. Busy.. Busy..

  • September

September was only a short month for me, I had 12 days off which I used to have friends over in Dubai! I’ll be writing up a post on what we got up to in Dubai. My leave was towards the end of the month so I had a few working days in me before hand, I was jetting off to:

  • London Gatwick
  • Munich
  • Johannesburg
  • Hong Kong

Yes, it was a lovely month for me, All lovely flights & lots of days off in the sun.

  • October

& now on to the present month, October. This month is pretty packed up, I’m heading to:

  • Mauritius
  • Manchester x2
  • Munich
  • Melbourne – Aukland
  • Cairo
  • Kuwait

Start the month of visiting the family & I end the month of with another trip home! It felt to long since I had been home so looking forward to my home comforts. Im also heading Australia and New Zealand which I’m over the moon about, makes a change for me to head that side of the world. Now all i have to do is been wiring….


For daily updates catch me on Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat ; @sophiehartxo

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