New Name, New Start!

So where do I start with this one. I landed from my turnaround flight from Cairo this morning around 7AM after working through the night, I got home around 9AM had a few hours sleep to wake up all motivated about writing! Yes! I know it was a shock to me too, Ive not had this feeling in months. I couldn’t wait to sit at my laptop and start.

I started to write a new post which will be up shortly but something wasn’t right, I needed a clean slate to start with. As you can tell, I have a new theme which I’m testing and … A NAME CHANGE & A Real Website … don’t get me wrong I loved my blog name being my name but I wanted something different, something that fit the style and content of my blog. Easy to find.

Why did you pick the name TrollyDoll? -So when ever I’m home all my family and friends say I’m a ‘Trolly Dolly’ instead of cabin crew or flight attendant which I love. But also most recently most crew on my flights keep saying ‘You look like a doll. Pale skin, blue eyes, red hair…’. So this is how ‘TrollyDoll’ came to mind and was created.

The term trolly dolly to some crew is offensive or negative but to me, I love it! Since I was small I’ve wanted to be a cabin crew and grew up with the term.

With a new look and name I cant wait to keep posting about my travels and mayhem I get up too! You can follow me also on Facebook – it’s still new so buildingthe platform 💛 

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