Mini Vacation Phuket!

Ok, so the title of this post is slightly mis-leading. My flight to Phuket I did work so my vacation was only 26 hours long. Phuket was my last flight of month of November and was lucky enough to fly with one of my close friends. We landed into Phuket pretty late and got … Continue reading Mini Vacation Phuket!


Cold brisk winds, sun in the background and a full day of walking ahead of me. I have been to Budapest twice this month, the first time I went we did a walking tour - Yes! It was a stupid idea in the middle of winter when I didn't really pack for the weather but … Continue reading Budapest

Universal Studios – Orlando!

Oh My Gosh! Where do I even start with this post, the flight over to Florida was just short of 15 hours. The cabin was half full so it was a lovely atmosphere. 3 services and 4 & 1/2 hours break later we had made it. We got to the hotel for 12pm local time, … Continue reading Universal Studios – Orlando!