Mini Vacation Phuket!

Ok, so the title of this post is slightly mis-leading. My flight to Phuket I did work so my vacation was only 26 hours long. Phuket was my last flight of month of November and was lucky enough to fly with one of my close friends.

We landed into Phuket pretty late and got to the hotel around 11pm local time. Rach and myself decided to have a pamper night in with a bottle of wine, room service and balcony views of the island. We haven’t seen each other in a few weeks so we had a lot to catch upon!

The following morning we woke up early, headed to breakfast then to the pool for a day of relaxation – or so I thought!  

Don’t get me wrong the hotel, destination and weather were amazing but with me being pale and ginger the sun kills me. We was out in the sun for around 3 hours being in and out of the pool but Oh My Gosh! My skin was (& still is 3 days later)  a lovely shade of purple! I don’t think ill ever learn. 

The flight back to Dubai was painful to say the least but knowing I was catching my flight home as a passaneger once I landed I knew it was going to go fast. So yeah, At the minute I am writing this post from my family home in the UK with a lovely hot chocolate hiding from the winter weather! 

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