January – The first month of a new year, a new chapter in my life & also my birthday month! When I got my roster for January I was so excited to be heading to Seattle, it been a destination I’ve wanted to visit for so long.

304 passengers to look after, 3 meal services, 3-hour break, 12 hours time difference & 14-hour flight later we landed in Seattle. We got to the hotel around 2 pm local time. Some of the crew and myself decided to head straight out instead of giving into jet lag – the best and worse thing we could have done!

First stop was the famous ‘Gum Wall’ with typical tourist picture.

We walked around ‘Pike Place Market’, seen the first ever Starbucks coffee shop and stopped for a light lunch at ‘Beechers’ for some traditional mac & cheese. To finish the day of we headed to the shops… (the sales made us!)

The following day we had the full day in Seattle, jet lag had kicked in and I was awake since 2:30 am! Myself and one of the other crew headed back out into the cold to see what Seattle had to offer. Β We started our day having breakfast at ‘Biscuit Bitch’ – side note: anyone heading to Seattle please go! It’s so unique with amazing customer service.

On the flight over I had a passenger tell me about how Seattle was before the fire happened so this gave us an idea to do the ‘Beneath The Streets’ tour. We both went on the tour without having any idea on what had happened but came out full of information and memories. With all the history running around our minds we then decided to go into some of the museums and read up on it even more!

Seattle is a beautiful city and being able to see it from so far up was breathtaking! We went to the ‘Sky View Observatory at Columbia Center’ to get a full 360 look at the city below.

The last stop of our trip around Seattle was to ‘The Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.’ The perfect way to end the day, in a small cafe with a hot chocolate and red velvet cupcake.

Seattle … I Will Be Coming Back!

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