I Amsterdam ♥️

Ive waited a long time to finally get an Amsterdam flight but the timing for us wasn’t the best. We landed into Amsterdam around 8pm local time and by the time we had reached our hotel the centre was pretty far away plus all I could think about was sleep so, myself and 1 others crew had made plans to head out early the next morning and see what Amsterdam could offer us.

We went for breakfast, took a metro, train and bus and finally we reached the centre! Right behind the ‘I AMSTERDAM’ sign is the ‘Rijks Museum’ so, we went to educate ourself out of the cold.

  • Van Gogh
  • On the left one of the first fighter jets of WW1.
  • On the right a replica ship which fought in a early battle with England (this one had way to much information for me to try remember, sorry.)
  • Have you ever seen a library so amazing. Every book you could ever need and what!


We finished our day with a quick trip to the coffee shop for a hot chocolate to see pus warm for the journey back to the hotel.

The flight back was during the night so we had to be ready to leave the hotel by 8.10pm so as you can imagine we got back to the hotel and straight to sleep to catch some sleep before the long night ahead of us!


One thought on “I Amsterdam ♥️

  1. OH! Love your Amsterdam photos! I am Chy from Her Lost Mango ! Nice to meet you! OMG! Wow! So lucky! Lovely photos! For some reasons, I really like their fries in Amsterdam! haha. I just posted another Europe trip of mine! Amsterdam Lights and Canals . Would really love to connect with you! Just followed you too! XOXO


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