Irish Love

Dublin was my first flight of February since I spent the first week at home with my family. Ireland is a place I’ve always wanted to visit and I can’t believe I haven’t since it is only just over the water.

I was lucky enough to be operating the flight with one of my Irish friends who started the same date as me back in July 2015. She was such an angel, we landed into Dublin around midday and we headed straight out to explore. There was a few other crew who joined us on our little trip out. The first stop was Trinity College. Breathtaking would be the only word I would use for this place.


I’ve been in my fair share of Irishย pubs so I couldn’t have gone all the way to Ireland and not had a pint of Guinness in on of the more famous pubs ‘The Temple Bar’. There is nothing better than walkingย into an old pub and smelling the ‘old ale’, it definitely made me feel at home.

We stopped for a spot of lunch then finished our trip around Dublin at ‘Penneys’. The Irish ย version on ‘Primark’. My stay in Dublin felt so short, so I dont have much to write about but I will be back for a short weekends away for sure!



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