Great Wall Of China

Ahh! Where do I start with this one. With landing into Beijing around 10 pm and arriving at the hotel at midnight myself and 6 other crew booked a coach to take us to the ‘Great Wall Of China’ the following day. With time difference and jetlag getting to sleep knowing I had to wake up at 6 am, which was only 4 hours later was hard, to say the least.

Wakeup; 6 am.
Meet crew for breakfast; 7 am.
Coach pickup; 8 am.
Drive to the wall; 1hour and a half.

We walked & walked & walked! Up and down steep slopes, stairs, and hills. It was defiantly a workout for all of us.


We couldn’t have asked for a better day, the weather was crisp and the sun made a lovely appearance. The wall wasn’t full of tourist due to it being winter and slow season so, we felt like we had our space and we could take our time taking in the views and history.


So let me take you back to how we got up to the wall… cable cart! I will admit I had my eyes closed the whole way up. Being took up a mountain by a single line with a cart hanging underneath isn’t normal to me, and then the wind! if the wind catches your cart you will swing with no way of stopping it. I was dying inside! well, I made it up but i knew I had to get back down. They had a slide yes, a slide down the mountain! This defiantly made getting the cable cart up worth it in a crazy way.

when we got back to the hotel a few crew continued on to the forbidden city but for me, I was struggling to stay awake so I took myself to my room to relax and catch up on some well-needed sleep before the flight back to Dubai. The flight back was just short of 9 hours, and 2 full food services so a good rest was a must have.


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