In regards to my last trip I don’t have much to show or tell you all. Jet lag hit me hard so I spent most of my time either eating, sleeping or shopping but here is a small break down.

I did my traditional pedicure, massage and ate a lot of Thai food.

This layover for me was very special. I got to met up with some of my family which I had never met before. We met in the centre of Sydney and sat for hours chatting about family back home and in Australia.


The timing for our flight was hard to be able to do anything and for my body clock. When we got to the hotel some of the crew and myself went for dinner but that was all. We had to leaving the following afternoon so this is one place I will defiantly be back to explore.



I fulfilled my shopping needs for the trip. If my case wasn’t heavy enough with the weeks worth of packing I took with me it defiantly was after I spent the morning shopping.


Once again Im sorry I didn’t have much to show or write up but my body came first on this trip. Im now back in Dubai with 5 days off to get myself back on track.


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