Lazy Day In Perth

what can I say, it is all in the title. So, the flight over to Perth was around 9 hours. The flight itself was really pleasant to be on however with it also being classed as a long night flight the pitch black cabin did not help how tired I was!

We arrived at the hotel around 7PM and as you can tell I was pretty tired so I went straight up to my hotel room, got room service and had an early night (which was well needed).


The following day jet-lag hit me hard! I woke up at 4am. So in typical cabin crew style I got myself up and headed out to find somewhere that was open to get some breakfast. The rest of the morning I spent walking around the shops and along the beach – which I forgot to take pictures of & film! Now thats in typical Sophie style… With the flight back to Dubai departing early afternoon I had a quick nap before getting ready to head back.

On the way we was given bed rest for 2 hours, for me it wasn’t enough time to sleep so I got comfy, relaxed and watched a movie before heading back into the cabin to finish the flight.


Perth was my flight attempt of vlogging, as you can tell by my very short post I didn’t do much and what I did do I forgot to film so I filled up the time with a kind of get ready with me but sped up. You can see the video below – please show it some love!

Like I said its my first ever attempt of filming never mind editing, ill get better with practice I promise. If you like the blog style please let me know so I can keep giving them ago!



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