April 2017

So for once, we got our rosters over 10 days early so when I saw the line-up for the month of April I was over the moon!! (Yes I know we got them early but I like posting my rosters on the 1st of each month, sorry) So, 5 layovers with only 1 short turnaround, the rostering gods looked after me this month.

So, where am I going:

  • Dhaka
  • Moscow x2
  • Johannesburg
  • Orlando
  • Chennai, India – Turnaround

Yes, that’s right! I’m going back to Orlando ‘ARRRHHHH’! I felt like a kid at Christmas when I saw this, I was running around my apartment jumping up and down. I’ve been once before and did Universal Studios so this time I think I need to head to Disney! – what this space….

I’ve also been given 2 Moscow flights, this is a new destination for me which I’ve been bidding to get for a while. – When I say bidding it means each month we have 5 slots to ask for selective flights or days off which we would prefer to have, some flights are easier to get than others but patience paid off this time.

In regard to Dhaka, I’ve done this flight before but only has a turnaround. I am very interested in having it as a layover and seeing Bangladesh for 24 hours with my own 2 eyes!

Jo-burg / South Africa – I don’t have much to say about you apart from your stealing my heart 1 flight at a time ❤️

Let the fun begin… 


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