Being Sick in Dubai

Now for my week update, back on my ‘April Roster Post‘ I said I had 2 Moscow flights. I was successful in swapping one to a well beloved Bangkok flight. I had plans to get a manicure, pedicure, massage and spend too much to walking around their massive shopping centre but no, I only went and got myself sick! And when I say sick I mean I couldn’t move out of bed, I felt like I was on my last legs in life. I was signed off from flying for a few days since my ears were still blocked from my previous flight and I needed time to recover. Being sick is Dubai is the worst. Going out in the heat or staying in with air-con, you just can’t win!

I’ve now got a few days off to get myself back to 100% and ready to go again.
My next flight is on Thursday and I’ll finallyย be heading to Moscow! fingers crossed I can get a vlog up…


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