Wondering Around Moscow

Moscow has been on my list of places to visit for so long now and I finally made it! So here is what happened.

Since it was my first to Moscow I 100% wanted to go out and explore! I and a handful of the crew decided to head out first thing for a tour of Moscow since we arrived at the hotel around 10 pm local time. The tour we took was organised by an ex-crew member (Masha) who is from Moscow, this gave us a great benefit as she understood how our body clocks work.

We got to the centre of Moscow by train, it was a Friday morning and all the roads were busy so it saved us some time. It was only natural that the first stop on our tour was the Bolshoi Theatre. It is located just outside the train station, walking out the doors and onto the streets was freezing, to say the least, but with the theatre being our first view, who would complain. It was only a flying visit as I’d say, as we were on our way to the famous Red Square.

Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral was next on our tour. ย Walking through the gates which opened up onto the red square was breathe taking, it was like something out of the movies. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere that cold in a long time but it did help, in a way. Not too many tourists around.


Going on from the red square we headed to the universal shopping mall – GUM. Think of luxury store and imagine they are all under one roof, that would be this mall. We wandered around the mall with a cup of hot chocolate until it was time to head back out into the cold air.

The changing of the guards at Kremlin Wall was our next stop, Masha had timed our tour perfectly so we had a great view to see the change. The changing of the guards happens every hour to the dot! A Little bit of background that I learnt was they are standing guard to the infinite flame that is dedicated to the soviet soldiers what were killed during world war 2.


Once the changing of the guards had finished we headed back to the metro station to go a few stops down for lunch. Masha knew a cute little local cafe, nothing was in English so I picked items on how they looked – bad I know but I did a good job. I’m so sorry I didn’t get the name of the cafe or even take a picture of my lunch, by this time my stomach was thinking for me. As soon as I sat down I starting munching away.

There were 2 stops left on our tour. A quick stop in a souvenir store to pick up a magnet (which I’m attempting to get at every Layover) and as we call them back home ‘Russian Dolls’, I couldn’t leave Moscow without my own set.

By this point in the day, we were all tired and knowing our flight back to Dubai was a night flight we had to get back to the hotel soon for a few hours rest. The last stop of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. We were lucky because we went on Easter Friday so by the time we got there, they had a service on being filmed for the TV which we got to stand in on.



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