24 Hours In Venice

Hey, Honeys!

Hope you are all keeping well?!

I’m still coming down from cloud 9! As you can tell from the post you are about to read I’ve been to Venice but, I have to admit that was over 1 week ago now. After I landed back into Dubai I had 1 day to move apartments and get everything sorted for my mum to arrive for a week in Dubai with me. As you can imagine it was the most stressful 24 hours of my life! – I think that will be a blog post of its own, TRUST ME…!

I was so excited when I saw Venice on my roster for June. It is a place I’ve always wanted to visit since I was tiny. Venice definitely lived up to what I thought it was and even more!

13 out of 16 crew. That’s how many of us went into Venice, I don’t think I’ve never had a layover or flight were we all got along like we had been friends for years!.


This post is going to be short and sweet. Venice is something out of a book and I would tell anyone to go and experience what it’s like to walk for miles over bridges. Water. History. Culture.  Let me show you in pictures ❤

You can see the full trip over on youtube by clicking HERE.

My next stop is … Fort Laudable<3


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