September Travels

It’s been a while since I posted my schedule but September has me going to some exciting destinations.

  • Amman, Jordan – Turnaround
  • Lahore, Pakistan – Turnaround
  • Kuwait, Kuwait – Turnaround
  • Athens, Greece – Newark, USA – Multisector Layover
  • Lusaka, Zambia – Harare, Zimbabwe – Multisector Layover
  • London, UK – Layover
  • Shanghai, China – Layover

Both the multi sectors are new for me, don’t get me wrong they are both going to be hard since they are going to be back to back flights but BRING IT ON!

London again… It’s so close yet so far from home, it does mean I can pick up some home comforts though from the store which makes it ok with me.

Not going to lie, I’m writing this up after my 2-night turnarounds.

My next stop – Athens->Newark!

Much Love, @SophieHartxo


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