The ‘Perfect’ Life Of A Flight Attendant

When you tell people your cabin crew or flight attendant you nearly always get the same response.

‘You are living the life everyone wants’
‘your job is so easy’
‘ you get to see the world’
‘You just give out chicken or beef’
‘I’ve always wanted to do that job’

Which I’ll always admit is somewhat true. People see the posed pictures on Instagram, the videos on YouTube and yes! I do have a life full of exploring new counties and trying new foods with different people so, let’s not wait any longer. Here what I really think of my job, I might be starting on a sour note but that means it won’t end on one. So let’s jump into my “first-world” problems with my job.


Little bit of science of what JETLAG even is. Its ‘extreme tiredness and other physical effects felt by a person after a long haul flight across several time zones’. So let me put you in my red high heels for a minute… you are flying to Dallas and have to be at work for 00:50am. First of all you will try and sleep during the day before to help yourself out. NEWS FLASH! You never sleep. So you start getting ready for your flight at around 11:30pm, leave the house at 12:30am to arrive on time. Check in & head to the briefing room to meet the crew your going to spend the next 4 days with. This is when you get all you flight information from passenger details to flight time then you head to the aircraft at 02:00am to get ready for boarding. Once at the aircraft you get yourself sorted, do your security search and start the flow of passengers finding their seats. 02:50am comes around all the passengers are onboard and it’s time to depart for a none stop 16 hour flight travelling over 9 time zones. 3 services and a 3 and a half hour break later you are ready to land into Dallas. It’s 09.50am in Dallas so, what do you do?. Arrive at the hotel and sleep all day to be awake all night or fight like you never did before to stay awake for over 24 hours to go see a new destination. I think of it like this, I’ve just worked my way here why an I going to waste my short time I have in the country to sleep. I can do that back in Dubai. So you fight the sleep, get yourself refreshed and head out to a day full of activities what ever that might be. By the end of the day you will be walking to your hotel room like a zombie, not knowing where you are, what time it is or even what your name is but it was worth it!


With the company I work for every flight is with new crew. This can be seen as a blessing or a misfortune. I very rarely fly with my friends I’ve made in Dubai, we do have the opportunity to try swap onto each others flight but then again it all depends on if the 2 different flights match up to be able to do a clean swap. I personally take this as a blessing, if you always fly with the same crew you would never meet new people, learn new things from different cultures and have stories to tell when you come home. If it wasn’t for flying with new crew every other day I would of never of met my best friends, these people I’ll always hold close to my heart and will always be their well after we leave Dubai. Being cabin crew can be a very lonely job if you let it be. You have to fight the temptation of getting to a hotel room and pass out on the bed, arriving back into Dubai to cancel plans you made weeks ago because your tired. A lot of people find it too easy and once you get into the routine of doing this it take a good attempt from a really good friend to get you back on track.


As everyone knows I’m English and back home Christmas is a massive deal! Not even just Christmas Day, it’s the build up and aftermath. The whole month of December. The markets, early night with Christmas movies on, mulled wine, infused hot chocolates, decorating the house and the most important part FAMILY. Everyone coming together, celebrating the year we just lived and the plans we have coming up in the year to come. I’ve done 3 holidays away from home now so you would think I’d be used to it but it doesn’t get any easier. Trust me. You tell yourself you will be busy with flying or out with friends but once the day comes and you know in the back of your mind that everyone back home is getting together around the table ready for the roast dinner of the year, drinks are flowing, giving presents and the little ones running round showing off what they got from Santa. Then the pictures start, it hurts but you will never admit it. This year will hopefully be easier on me, I’m heading home the week before Christmas so I’m going to have time to get it out my system just in time to come back to celebrate with my Dubai family.


If not the best part of the job in my eyes! The main reason a lot of cabin crew choose to do this job. I wouldn’t know of the top of my head how many countries I’ve been to. The knowledge I’ve gained along the way, the history of what our ancestors did and how they just got on with life. You can sit in a class room and they can tell you about it all but when you see it first hand it changes your whole outlook on life. You gain respect for people you will never come in contact with. I always get asked what the best destination is I’ve ever been to but my answer changes all the time, I can travel to 2 or even 3 different countries in a week.

I hope you like the direction my blog is going in. I’m going to keep my vlogs on YouTube about my travels and what I get up to on layovers but my blogs going to be my creative outlet on what ever I want.

Until net time!


PS; If you have anything you want to know the answers to or any blog post ideas drop me an email or a dm on Instagram.

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