Turning 25!

Waking up on your birthday can be exciting and scary all at the same time. The feeling of getting older, life not being where you planned it 5 years ago but also feeling the best you have in a long time!. This year I’m turning 25 on January 15th, that means I’m a quarter of a century old and I’m not sure how I feel about it all.

Turning 25 can be a confusing age, some people have their own assumptions of where your life should be. Some say ‘you are still so young’ ‘you have your whole life ahead of you’ while many ask ‘when are you going to settle down?’ And ‘so when are you getting married?’.

I have learnt that I cant compare my life in Dubai to someone back home. The Dubai lifestyle is one of a kind. We have unlimited worldwide restaurants, beach clubs on our doorstep, ladies nights (every night in the right places) and its full of tourists so you are always meeting new people. While back home you don’t get that where I’m from. You know everyone in the town – young or old. Still friends with the people you went to school with and have a mortgage with your high school romance. – That is no shade towards anyone but when you move out of the ‘bubble’ you realise you cant be part of that way of life anymore.

25 and single… Good or Bad?
If its not my friends it will be my family asking about that famous relationship status. I’m not a big fan of posting my personal life online or even talking about it anymore so, this isn’t going to be any different. All you need to know is I’m happy! and if I have something worth sharing I will.

Fun Fact Time…
‘The Little Rascals’ ‘The Lion King’ ‘Richie Rich’ – 3 of my favourite movies that are also turning 25 with me this year!

‘Martin Luther King Jr’ ‘Pitbull’ ‘Claudia Wikleman’ – Let’s have a great birthday!

I’m going to finish this post off by saying one last thing… HERES TO THE NEXT 25 YEARS!


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