March Roster

How are we in March already!
January felt like it went on for an extra few weeks but February on the other hand, I blinked and it’s gone!
My roster in March won’t be sending me to any new destinations however, every layover has a new opportunity and I’m going to try to get my vlogging camera out so keep an eye out on my YouTube Chanel for any updates.
London Heathrow, UK   X2
Beijing, China
New York, USA
Manchester, UK
Amman, Jordan T/A
Bahrain, Bahrain T/A
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia T/A
I’ve got 2 London flights coming up and on one of them, I’m going to meet my old flatmate from Dubai!. It’s been well over a year now since we last met up and we have so much to talk about. I’ll be the first to say London is not my favourite place to visit in the UK but that’s just because I’m a Northern Girl through and through!
China is one place in the world that get me worried about food. I’m one of the fussiest foodies you will ever come in contact with. I’m very true to my roots and like bland and safe foods. And just for the record English Chinese food is not what you get in China! But, I’m going to brave it and head out and try something new and venture the Great Wall again… Maybe.
NEW YORK. NEW YORK. NEW YORK. Do I really need to talk about how excited I am about heading back to time square, shopping and maybe a little Broadway show. To top of my excitement for heading to New York one of my best friends who is also crew has managed to swap onto the same flight! YES! I can finally wander around time square and central park with someone I honestly care about and memories I will keep forever.
Manchester! it’s not home but its 40 minutes drive away but, that’s at the end of the month right before I fly home on leave to see everyone. So, I’m going to wait and see if any of my lovely friends back home fancy a cheeky dinner date before I jump back on the same plane to head home for 7 days.

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