August 2019

How are we in August already?! That’s 8 months into the year and only 4 months till 2020.
August is a busy month for travellers all over the world meaning each and every flight is packed out till the very last seat is taken but, that’s not stopping me from heading on a flight to ‘who knows where’ for 7 days. Before I jet off on my own holidays I need to do a little bit of work.
Things have all changed since I last updated my blog. I’m no longer in economy with carts handing out chicken or beef… I’m the new member of the business class team! After spending nearly 4 years in economy (not my choice) I finally made my way upstairs on the fabulous A380 and into a new world of travel.
  • Barcelona*
  • Bangkok
  • Kabul Turnaround
  • Amsterdam
  • Glasgow
  • Johannesburg
  • Boston*
* = new destination
2 new destinations this month which I’m really happy about, don’t get me wrong I’ve been to Spain and US before but, Barcelona and Boston are new so I’ll hopefully be getting my vlogging camera out, snap some new pictures and write it up!