June 2017

I'll start this blog post by apologising about how quiet I've been over the last month, I've been revising like a crazy woman as I had my yearly exams on the 28th & 29th to renew my flying license for another year. So as you can imagine that was on the top of my to-do … Continue reading June 2017

May 2017

Can we please just take a minute to realise how fast 2017 is going, I can't believe we are already in may! so where am I off to this month... Layovers: Manchester Glasgow Birmingham Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Turnarounds: Kolkata, India Multan, Pakistan Kuwait I also have my yearly exams towards the end of May. So yes, … Continue reading May 2017

April 2017

So for once, we got our rosters over 10 days early so when I saw the line-up for the month of April I was over the moon!! (Yes I know we got them early but I like posting my rosters on the 1st of each month, sorry) So, 5 layovers with only 1 short turnaround, … Continue reading April 2017


Lets start off by saying SORRYY!! Im writing up my March roster on the 4th when I actually got my roster over 2 weeks ago. I don't know what happened, I thought I had wrote the post and planned it to go ahead an upload while I was away on my week long trip. So, … Continue reading March

February Roster

We got the February roster out early into January but I thought Id keep it a secret until the 1st! This month I am going to: . . . Dublin, Ireland Beijing, China Munich, Germany London Heathrow, UK Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane. I was lucky enough to not be given 1 turnaround flight this month … Continue reading February Roster

January Roster!

2017 has finally arrived and I'm heading to ... Manchester Johannesburg Seattle Amsterdam Munich Bangkok I was lucky this month, one other crew sent me her Munich flight inlace of 2 turnarounds I had so, no turnaround for Sophie! Then to finish the month of January off Im heading home to see my family for … Continue reading January Roster!

November Travels

Its a new month with some new destinations to explore. November also marks the month I will be heading home for a 'early Christmas' with my amazing family so, where am I heading to in the month of November... Budapest, Hungary x2 Munich, Germany Phuket, Thailand Orlando, Florida & only 1 short turnaround this month … Continue reading November Travels