September Travels

It's been a while since I posted my schedule but September has me going to some exciting destinations. Amman, Jordan - Turnaround Lahore, Pakistan - Turnaround Kuwait, Kuwait - Turnaround Athens, Greece - Newark, USA - Multisector Layover Lusaka, Zambia - Harare, Zimbabwe - Multisector Layover London, UK - Layover Shanghai, China - Layover Both… Continue reading September Travels

June 2017

I'll start this blog post by apologising about how quiet I've been over the last month, I've been revising like a crazy woman as I had my yearly exams on the 28th & 29th to renew my flying license for another year. So as you can imagine that was on the top of my to-do… Continue reading June 2017

May 2017

Can we please just take a minute to realise how fast 2017 is going, I can't believe we are already in may! so where am I off to this month... Layovers: Manchester Glasgow Birmingham Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Turnarounds: Kolkata, India Multan, Pakistan Kuwait I also have my yearly exams towards the end of May. So yes,… Continue reading May 2017

April 2017

So for once, we got our rosters over 10 days early so when I saw the line-up for the month of April I was over the moon!! (Yes I know we got them early but I like posting my rosters on the 1st of each month, sorry) So, 5 layovers with only 1 short turnaround,… Continue reading April 2017


Lets start off by saying SORRYY!! Im writing up my March roster on the 4th when I actually got my roster over 2 weeks ago. I don't know what happened, I thought I had wrote the post and planned it to go ahead an upload while I was away on my week long trip. So,… Continue reading March

February Roster

We got the February roster out early into January but I thought Id keep it a secret until the 1st! This month I am going to: . . . Dublin, Ireland Beijing, China Munich, Germany London Heathrow, UK Bangkok, Sydney, Auckland, Brisbane. I was lucky enough to not be given 1 turnaround flight this month… Continue reading February Roster

January Roster!

2017 has finally arrived and I'm heading to ... Manchester Johannesburg Seattle Amsterdam Munich Bangkok I was lucky this month, one other crew sent me her Munich flight inlace of 2 turnarounds I had so, no turnaround for Sophie! Then to finish the month of January off Im heading home to see my family for… Continue reading January Roster!

November Travels

Its a new month with some new destinations to explore. November also marks the month I will be heading home for a 'early Christmas' with my amazing family so, where am I heading to in the month of November... Budapest, Hungary x2 Munich, Germany Phuket, Thailand Orlando, Florida & only 1 short turnaround this month… Continue reading November Travels

3 Month Travel Update

Its been a while since I last wrote up a post for my blog, sorry about that!. In the time I've been away Ive had some crazy months so lets catch you all up. August August roster came as my month on reserve. If you are unfamiliar with this I spend 1 month living my… Continue reading 3 Month Travel Update

July ’16

July marks the month 1 year ago I packed up and left my home to moved 5000 miles away. Within the year a lot has changed for me, a lot more than people realise but I'm not here to go into details about my 'personal life' I want you to all enjoy the destinations and… Continue reading July ’16