24 Hours In Venice

Hey, Honeys! Hope you are all keeping well?! I'm still coming down from cloud 9! As you can tell from the post you are about to read I've been to Venice but, I have to admit that was over 1 week ago now. After I landed back into Dubai I had 1 day to move… Continue reading 24 Hours In Venice

Being Sick in Dubai

Now for my week update, back on my 'April Roster Post' I said I had 2 Moscow flights. I was successful in swapping one to a well beloved Bangkok flight. I had plans to get a manicure, pedicure, massage and spend too much to walking around their massive shopping centre but no, I only went… Continue reading Being Sick in Dubai

July ’16

July marks the month 1 year ago I packed up and left my home to moved 5000 miles away. Within the year a lot has changed for me, a lot more than people realise but I'm not here to go into details about my 'personal life' I want you to all enjoy the destinations and… Continue reading July ’16

Washington, DC

This was a new destination for me and yes! I was supper excited to be a tourist. So we land around 11am, as normal some crew planned to meet up and head out early. The layover was only 24 hours and with the 8 hour difference for us from Dubai it was going to be… Continue reading Washington, DC

November Travels

2nd month of flying has come round already, I still cant believe its been a whole month. I can tell already this is going to be a fast passing job! So November, where are you taking me: Turnarounds Amman Doha Layovers Frankfurt Lagos Bangkok X2! Rome Shanghai 2 turnarounds all month, I cant complain! Cant… Continue reading November Travels

When In Rome…

Date; 29/10/15 - 31/10/15. Stay; Hilton Rome Airport Hotel. ________________________ ________________________ What an amazing place! Being in Rome really did bring back the time before sky scrapers, modern building and they even still use horse & cart. The crew on my flight were so nice and wanted to go exploring just as much as i… Continue reading When In Rome…

October Roster

So training is all done! I passed all my exams (first time on all may i add) so now its time to hit the skies and put into practise what I've been learning for 2 months. Medina (Turnaround) London (Layover) Perth (Layover) Manila  (Layover) Mumbai (Turnaround) Johannesburg (Layover) Chenni (Turnaround) Rome (Layover) My 2 supy flights are the… Continue reading October Roster

Security – Done!

Security training only lasted 2 days but it was very intense! We learnt about hijacking, aggressive customers and how to deal with all different situations (which i hope i never come into contact with). Even though it is very full on training we also got a lesson on self-defense, so watch your backs... I can… Continue reading Security – Done!

Lipstick Ready…

Only 12 days now until I fly out to Dubai to start my new life and career with Emirates so I thought it was about time to update my makeup bag, I did go a little crazy in the store but will be worth it when I can use it (I'm making myself wait until… Continue reading Lipstick Ready…

Golden Call

On the 8th June 2015 at 11:59 my belonged golden call happened!! I was sat at my desk in work and my phone started to vibrate in my draw, I glanced over and seen a number calling me starting with +971. My heart dropped! It was happening, I grabbed my phone and ran into the… Continue reading Golden Call