September Travels

It's been a while since I posted my schedule but September has me going to some exciting destinations. Amman, Jordan - Turnaround Lahore, Pakistan - Turnaround Kuwait, Kuwait - Turnaround Athens, Greece - Newark, USA - Multisector Layover Lusaka, Zambia - Harare, Zimbabwe - Multisector Layover London, UK - Layover Shanghai, China - Layover Both… Continue reading September Travels

24 Hours In Venice

Hey, Honeys! Hope you are all keeping well?! I'm still coming down from cloud 9! As you can tell from the post you are about to read I've been to Venice but, I have to admit that was over 1 week ago now. After I landed back into Dubai I had 1 day to move… Continue reading 24 Hours In Venice

May 2017

Can we please just take a minute to realise how fast 2017 is going, I can't believe we are already in may! so where am I off to this month... Layovers: Manchester Glasgow Birmingham Bangkok Kuala Lumpur Turnarounds: Kolkata, India Multan, Pakistan Kuwait I also have my yearly exams towards the end of May. So yes,… Continue reading May 2017

Mini Vacation Phuket!

Ok, so the title of this post is slightly mis-leading. My flight to Phuket I did work so my vacation was only 26 hours long. Phuket was my last flight of month of November and was lucky enough to fly with one of my close friends. We landed into Phuket pretty late and got… Continue reading Mini Vacation Phuket!

November Travels

2nd month of flying has come round already, I still cant believe its been a whole month. I can tell already this is going to be a fast passing job! So November, where are you taking me: Turnarounds Amman Doha Layovers Frankfurt Lagos Bangkok X2! Rome Shanghai 2 turnarounds all month, I cant complain! Cant… Continue reading November Travels

SEP – Done

7 Days And Counting!

   Packing = Check✔️ Tickets = Check✔️ Visa = Check✔️ Accommodation = Check✔️  Wellcome pack = Check✔️ As you can see I'm all sorted and ready to fly but am I.... Now it's time to spend my last week with loved ones. This is going to be so hard to say goodbye to them, don't… Continue reading 7 Days And Counting!

Lipstick Ready…

Only 12 days now until I fly out to Dubai to start my new life and career with Emirates so I thought it was about time to update my makeup bag, I did go a little crazy in the store but will be worth it when I can use it (I'm making myself wait until… Continue reading Lipstick Ready…

1 Month to go & money in my pocket.

🇦🇪💷🇦🇪💷 So today I got my little bit of pocket money for when I arrive in Dubai, they started giving me 100 notes and then 500 notes. I was getting a little scared of how high the note where but when we worked it out the 100 notes is roughly about £20.00 and the 500… Continue reading 1 Month to go & money in my pocket.

Golden Call

On the 8th June 2015 at 11:59 my belonged golden call happened!! I was sat at my desk in work and my phone started to vibrate in my draw, I glanced over and seen a number calling me starting with +971. My heart dropped! It was happening, I grabbed my phone and ran into the… Continue reading Golden Call