Joining Formalities In Progress 

NO WAY!!  My online status finally changed on the 4th June. I say finally like it has been a while but it has, I received my 'Oh Hold' email on the 29th January... That's 18 weeks or 126 days! I think the wait alone has gave me a life lesson on how to be worship … Continue reading Joining Formalities In Progress 

Oh Hold with Emirates

Supper Excited 👄💄 On the 29th January 2015 I woke up to such an amazing email. I have been offered a place with Emirates as a AirHostess!! All Emirates staff have to move and live in Dubai. HOW AMAZING😁😁. Little me from a small town will be living her dream. I've been told they are … Continue reading Oh Hold with Emirates

Emirates Final Interview

What a day it was... I arrived with hour an hour to spare. My final interview took place on 7th December in Manchester, UK. My final interview was with the same requirement team who I done my open day and assessment day with, this put great calm to me as I felt I already had … Continue reading Emirates Final Interview