The ‘Perfect’ Life Of A Flight Attendant

When you tell people your cabin crew or flight attendant you nearly always get the same response. 'You are living the life everyone wants' 'your job is so easy' ' you get to see the world' ‘You just give out chicken or beef’ ‘I’ve always wanted to do that job’ Which I'll always admit is… Continue reading The ‘Perfect’ Life Of A Flight Attendant


Life Update…

​2 months! 2 months ago was the last time I wrote up my last blog post, I sound like a broken record but I'm sorry. I have been capturing my travels but instead of writing them up I've been filming them so, below are a list of my last few travels since Venice - my… Continue reading Life Update…


1 Month to go & money in my pocket.

🇦🇪💷🇦🇪💷 So today I got my little bit of pocket money for when I arrive in Dubai, they started giving me 100 notes and then 500 notes. I was getting a little scared of how high the note where but when we worked it out the 100 notes is roughly about £20.00 and the 500… Continue reading 1 Month to go & money in my pocket.